Helping you to *SEE* how *GOOD* we make you *LOOK* and others to see *GOD`S BEAUTY* in you !

Opened Eyes was started as an avenue to help make eyeglasses and other vision products affordable to those who don't have vision coverage or the financial means to pay the high retail markup of vision products. In order for Opened Eyes to make this possible, we not only sell vision products, but also a diversity of products such as apparel, accessories and more. Each time we sell a product, it helps everyone to "SEE" that we're not only a company that allows you to "SEE" how good we make you look, but also a company who's giving our customers a chance to join in and help us to help others "SEE" God's beauty each and every time they make a purchase.  

So, Opened Eyes thanks you for taking out the time to *HELP* us to *HELP* others. **GOD BLESS YOU**

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